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Won't Be Around for Long

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We're always on the hunt for unique timepieces, the types of Swiss Replica Watch that stand out among a sea of options today. And every now and then, one well-designed and meticulously crafted piece comes our way that elevates the accessory to a work of art.


Right now, no timepiece is doing that better than Glashütte Original's Sixties watch, from the German brand's Sixties Iconic Square Collection. As the name implies, the lineup is inspired by the decade when pop art, The Beatles, mod everything—and a whole lot of social and political upheaval—hit critical mass.



It's also the period when Glashütte Original first introduced its range of Spezimatic timepieces, a silhouette marked by its square shape and eye-catching dial design. The uncommon shape of the original, with its rounded-off edges, and other hallmarks (domed dial, curved hands) have been faithfully recreated, while a few key upgrades make the collection feel thoroughly modern.

When it comes to watches this well made, people tend to focus on what's under the hood more than anything. And make no mistake, Glashütte Original, like other German manufacturers known for their commitment to precision and craftsmanship, has put only the best into these Sixties timepieces.



But while we could go into detail about the skeletonized rotors or the oscillation weights, the real stars here are the watches' stunning dials. They're richly colored and textured in a way that no other timepiece is right now, most likely because the process of making a watch this unique is about as laborious as they come.



Each dial is handmade in Glashütte Original's own factory with the same tools and methods that were utilized in the '60s where colored enamels are layered one on top of another before a black lacquer layer is wiped over the finished product (not unlike the way some dress shoes are hand-burnished).That's what gives the dials their dégradé effect, where darker edges build to a brighter center. The Sixties Iconic Graphite version, above, comes with an equally show-stopping filigree patterned face (imprinted before the enamel process) that looks like a piece of sculpture sitting on your wrist.



This past summer, the two brands paired up again for the Timex x Todd Snyder Mod, an utterly eye-catching watch that fused retro motifs with military timekeeping and sold out in no time. So our expectations were pretty high when we heard the duo was joining forces once again. Would this new timepiece capture the high-end appeal the previous iterations had at the same bank-account friendly price?



The short answer is yes. The long answer is hell yes. Snyder's M.O. is to mine the best of American menswear's past, rethink it, make it better, and put the finished product out into the world packaged as something shiny, new, and, most importantly, modern. And that's just what he's done here. The Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch is just what it sounds like, a timepiece born from the military watches of yesteryear, but modernized—and made affordable.



There's a lot to admire about the watch, starting with it's clean design. Despite the rugged associations military-inspired watches have (and which, to large extent make them interesting in the first place), Snyder's version comes off as streamlined.It's hard to make a watch like this modern, but the designer succeeds. The combination of a clean black face and contrasting white indices lend a sparse, modernist sensibility to the Rolex Replica Watches design, offset by a brushed silver tone case and drab olive green NATO strap that could convince someone you’ve had it in your collection for years.



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